Stop motion product photography, which sits within the broader category of stop
motion animation, uses movement and storytelling to give your content marketing
instant personality.

Stop motion is an on-trend feature of social media and online stores as it breaks up the monotony of static product images, and allows content creators and digital marketers to have some fun while showcasing a product feature.

Improve Brand Recall

Make delicious cookies? Watch them get munched away and remind customers how good they are to share (or not)!

Selling beach towels or linen? Take your audience to the beach or turn ordinary laundry into magical home organising hacks!

Got a funky label or product packaging to show off? Set your product to dance mode with a catchy beat and voila, you've got shareable, pin-able content. 

Stop motion uses photography and props to create simple sequences but with some ingenious storytelling, can result in higher engagement on social media and greater
brand recall. 


The added genius of stop motion photography is that you're only limited by your imagination - you can create different sequences with the same product without
feeling repetitive. 

Not sure where to start?


The team at Front Back & Sides can help you define a concept, source props and bring your stop motion content to life. And with our Send and Shoot service, you can achieve all this without leaving your office. ​

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