Scroll-stopping social media content isn’t just great product photography, it’s great storytelling. 


To create authentic emotional connections with your audience on social media your product photography has to go beyond features and good lighting. 


You need content that evokes emotion. 


Help your audience to reconnect with their fondest memories, inspire them to take action and be their best self, remind them how much more joyous or less stressful their life will be with your product in their hands. 


Front Back and Sides is an experienced team of professional photographers, marketers, former ad creatives and stylists. Together we’ll help you bring the value and uniqueness of your products and brand to life.



With our full service product photography studio complete with a model cyclorama, product cyclorama and 360 degree product light box, you can choose from a range
of formats:


  • Styled product shoots and simple videos

  • Styled flat lays 

  • Model walks and “How to Wear” videos

  • Styled stop motion animation sequences


Our team understands eCommerce


We’ll help you navigate the styled product photography options that craft a memorable brand, build an audience and convert followers into web traffic and sales. 


Working with Front Back and Sides was a dream! So easy to arrange, all I had to do was send in the product, have a quick chat on the phone and soon I had a great bunch of images to use on my website and socials. I love that my brand was really represented well.

Freyja, Apiwraps Reusable Beeswax Wraps


We’ve built a styled product photography service designed for busy eCommerce business owners and brand managers. 

With our contact-free Send and Shoot service, you don’t have to be on site for the shoot. Of course, you can if you want to be! 

Here’s what to expect:

  • Book a Call with our team to walk through your requirements.

  • You send your creative brief and work with you to create a concept mood board
    and finalise a quote.

  • We'll collaboratively finalise the concept with you. Our product photography stylist
    will work with you through this stage.

  • Your shoot is booked and on the day of your shoot, if you’re not onsite we send test shots to you. 

  • A link to your proof images is sent to you for short-listing.

  • Next you’ll receive a preview of the final edited images and if no further edits
    are required, upon payment of your invoice, you can download your web-ready
    styled shots!


Ready to elevate your brand and social media with styled product photography?