10 Tips to Maximise eCommerce Sales with Website Product Photography

Updated: Apr 6

Last year saw exponential growth in online shopping, and 2021 is going to be a year like no other in terms of eCommerce sales. 90% of online buyers say that professional website product photography is the most important factor in an online sale. It’s no wonder website product photography studios are popping up everywhere in Sydney!

With Australia being the 10th largest eCommerce market in the world, quality e-commerce photography is essential for online businesses based in Australia. Quality product photography instils confidence in the buyer that you are a reputable seller, and the product is of a high standard.

According to Australia Post, there has been a 30% increase in online shopping year-on-year. If you’re an online business owner seeking to capitalise on the rise of online shopping, it’s essential to engage with a website product photography studio you can trust to deliver consistent, quality, engaging content for your digital marketing channels.

Front, Back and Sides have put together 10 tips to help businesses in Sydney and across Australia take advantage of this ‘golden era’ of eCommerce.

10 Tips to Maximise Sales with Website Product Photography

eCommerce Tip 1: Quality product photography increases customers propensity to buy and reduces returns by as much as 40%.

eCommerce Tip 2: Consider adding value add services such as a gift card message or gift wrapping.

eCommerce Tip 3: Create packages and bundles for your different customer segments. Consider older customers who are feeling more confident than ever shopping online since being in lock-down.

eCommerce Tip 4: Offer discounts for multiple product purchases or offer free freight to drive increased volume.

eCommerce Tip 5: Include your postage cut off dates on your website.

eCommerce Tip 6: Consider alternative delivery options after the postage cut-offs, including gift cards or local pick up.

eCommerce Tip 7: Review your returns policy and include it in your add-to-cart so customers are fully aware of your policy prior to purchasing.

eCommerce Tip 8: Boost your search engine ranking by giving each product photo a unique and detailed file name that includes suitable keywords for that page of your website and words describing the image itself.

eCommerce Tip 9: Plan your retargeting program for January especially if you have unsold stock or offers you are wanting to showcase in the new year.

eCommerce Tip 10: If you are going to be away, remember to pause listings on Etsy and other gifting websites. Advise customers on potential delays in dispatch if you will be away.

Quality Website Product Photography Matters

Having accurate product images can reduce returns by up to 40% as customers are able to see a true representation of the colour of the product and its form. That’s why Front, Back and Sides offer high quality, accurate and professional product images and social media content to ensure that our clients optimise their business operations.

Professional Website Product Photography for Your Business

To learn more about how you can secure better product photos for your business, we recommend checking out our recent article, ‘What to Look For in a Sydney Product Photography Studio’.

FBS is based in the inner west of Sydney. We produce quality website product photography in our Sydney studio that small businesses can trust. If you’re a business owner seeking to capitalise on the 66% increase in shopper loyalty to small business, we can deliver quality website product photography. Get in touch with the team today.

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