One photo, 10 different looks | Proof the humble product shot can be so versatile

Keeping your socials fresh takes time but I'm going to show you how having a single, quality product image, you can create multiple 'looks' for your social media.

In this instance we have even kept the image on white background but if you deep etched (removed the background) of the product photo, you would have even more flexibility. These product photography images are perfect to upload into programs like Canva where you can then create so much social media content.

At Front, Back and Sides we have packages for both small and large businesses so it needn't be expensive for you to get the foundation product images to then go on create endless combinations of images.

How did we do it? Well, with a few templates and a bit of imagination we were able to create some really cool content;

  • Add some 'sparkle' you your image with a simple neon headline

  • A simple value statement such as 'the fashionable way to carry your shoes' really tells your customer why they should buy your product

  • Adding a 'shop now' is a great call to action (plus I'm a softie for polaroid pic)

  • Seasonal images connect to your customers at the right time of the year

  • Calling out the unique features is a fantastic way to use a simple product image (I love seeing these types of pics)

  • Adding a product image to a testimonial lets your customers know exactly what product they were referring to

  • Add some emotion with a bit of 'Love'

  • Use a emotive background to tie in with the colours of your product

  • Make it really clear when your product is on sale

See, it's so easy to create different looks in a just a few minutes, and all you need is a simple and high quality product image.

Want to chat more about how we can help you grow your social media content library with product photography.

Contact us today.

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