Holy Moley, what does the Apple iOS 14 Changes mean to my business?

Updated: Apr 11

If you are asking these questions, then you aren’t alone.

In very basic terms, the Apple iOS 14 changes are going to reduce the amount of information customers share about themselves online and the impact on digital marketing campaigns will find it harder to accurately target your customers, diluting your ROI.

As a result, growing your organic content is going to become more important than ever. Growing your followers, email lists and creating really engaging content is how you are going to reach more of your audience, without the marketing costs.

From a customer perspective, these changes give customers more control over the amount of information they share, but from a business perspective (and we’re all business owners here) it makes it harder to reach your audience via digital marketing.

By posting beautifully curated content that resinates with your audience will help grow your following.

Tip: Did you know in 'Instagram Insights' you can filter your ‘Content Shared’ by ‘follows’ so you can see which posts are driving the most followers.

At Front, Back and Sides we will work with you to develop quality and on-brand content that your customers will engage with.

Our content is great for use in your newsletters, social and digital marketing campaigns. We’ll ensure the content will appeal to your ideal target audience. Scroll-stoppingly good I’d say.

To find out more about these changes, you can read more about it here with a fantastic article from our Workit Ecommerce Hub's in-house Agency team.

Or contact us for more information

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