With a full size corner cyclorama in our studio, as well as options for coloured backgrounds, we're fully equipped to produce your fashion shoot and get your range ready for your online store. We can also assist with sourcing models and hair / makup artists.

Model Photography shows off your range

Model shoots are an excellent way to show off your product range – models can be used for anything from full length fashion shots, to up close for things like accessories and jewellery, to hand modelling and using your products. They give your customers an idea and a feel for how your products look, feel and function.


Models are also ideal for look books for a new fashion range, or to highlight your skincare and cosmetic brand. Model photographs portray a professional standard, which increases brand reliability and puts you in line with other top ecommerce brands! It sets you apart from Amazon stores and adds a personal touch to your brand.

Model shoots don’t need to be expensive: Ask us about our half day or a full day rates. 


To set up the shoot, our experienced creative team will have a chat with you and see exactly what you are after and help deliver that vision, whether it’s ecommerce imagery or high fashion shots. Not sure what you are after? No worries! We will come up with a mood board to show you examples of poses, lighting, colours and clothes that would work best to give you some inspiration and to ensure our team are all on the same page. 

Using a Stylist

Behind each beautiful shot is a talented team that work together – from makeup artists to stylists. Stylists are vital for fashion shots to ensure that clothes are portrayed the best they can be, from the way the clothes fit the model, to how the item sits when photographed and what else goes with your look. They have a meticulous eye for what looks best and help organise different looks quickly, whilst elevating your shots.

Backdrops and Lighting

We have access to a range of different colour backdrops which can change the mood of your images;from pastels to the darkest black. Lighting is essential to photography, and we utilise different professional lighting to stop harsh shadows and show case your product in the best light.  

Choosing the right model

Models can make or break a shoot, and need to be comfortable infront of the camera. Have a think - what does your brand want to reflect? Are you after models that are more relatable and girl next door? Or do you want someone who reflects the diversity of your brand? Someone high end who gives your brand a touch of luxury? These are all important things to consider when choosing a model as they’ll be at the forefront of your brand but we can work together to make sure your model is the best person to represent your products! Arrange your own model if you wish or we have access to modelling agencies and freelance models of all ranges and can arrange these for you, fuss free.



All of your images will go through a retouching process where we pay the upmost attention to detail to ensure your images are consistent, colour graded, and all the little things are cleaned up to give you clean, professional images.


Our experienced, professional photographers will use your brief and mood boards to provide the model direction, and ensure the shot is perfect.


Want to find out how you can elevate your product photography? Feel free to send us an email or give us a call and our Studio Manager.

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