Product Photography for your Skincare range

Congratulations on launching your new skincare range with New Directions.


At Front, Back and Sides we have worked with many people like yourselves who have created amazing Skincare brands, and helped them create their product photography for their website and socials.  

To get you started, we have developed this easy to use Product Photography Guide.


In this guide we'll help you hone in on your target audience, develop a list of props and styling and plan your product photography shoot list.  

Product photography guide for New Directions

This 15 Page Guide Covers: 

  • Understanding your Customer

  • Identifying unique qualities of your product

  • Creating a styling and props list 

  • Creating a mood board

  • Creating a shoot list

  • ...and much more

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To help get you started we've created some pricing packages which can be tailored to your individual needs.


As every brand and shoot is unique, contact us to discuss your specific needs.