Ghost Mannequin (or Invisible Mannequin) is a type of photography used by fashion retailers to show their garments in a 3D aspect.

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Photography

The benefits of this type of photography is that it shows clothing like blazers, dresses, swimwear, jeans and activewear in a way that helps customers easily image it on themselves. 

Ghost Mannequin photography is a cost effective way to showcase clothing and research has shown that when retailers show an accurate version of their product they are less likely to have returns and exchanges. 

How to shoot Ghost Mannequin Photography?

Specialised mannequins with removable segments allow us to photograph garments so they appear like they're being worn, but with no body parts visible. Any parts that are visible depending on the garment are removed in post production.

Download our Ghost Mannequin shoot list guide here

Mannequin specs

Female Mannequin.  Size 10. 

Height: 166 cm; Shoulder Width: 42 cm
Bust: 85 cm; Waist: 67 cm; Hips: 89 cm


Male Mannequin.  Size S.

Height: 172 cm; Shoulder width: 56 cm
Bust: 100 cm; Waist: 80 cm; Hips: 97 cm

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