Here at Front, Back and Sides we like to keep things really simple. Check out our video below which gives you a quick overview of our process. 

How is FBS different from other photographers?

We specialise in eCommerce photography, aiming to provide our clients with high quality images, with fast turn around times and transparent pricing.

Steps for your product shoot:

  1. Set up a phone call to discuss your photography needs

  2. Book a slot in one of our shoots

  3. Deliver your products 

  4. The shoot!

  5. Proof sheet 

  6. Select images

  7. Invoice

  8. Final images

  9. Return products to you

How does your pricing model differ from other Studios?

We charge per image with a small admin fee.


After the shoot we’ll provide you with a proof sheet and you’ll only pay for the images you want to purchase.  If you really don’t like any of the images (we are confident you will) you only pay for the images you want.


We do this as we don’t want our clients for pay for images they don’t like or won’t use.

Why do you charge an admin fee?

Even the simplest of shoots takes time to set up and get the lighting and angles right so the admin fee covers our time in setting up the set for your products and getting it just right.

Is there a minimum number of products or photos I need to commit to?

We can shoot as few or as many products as you have. 

We have shot a single product for a client and we have shot 100. 

We have the ability to accommodate small or large shoots


How do you keep your pricing so affordable:

Unlike other studios who book out a half or full day for a single client, we will shoot a number of different clients on each day.  We are able to find efficiencies in re-using the same lighting set up and backdrops.


Can I attend the shoot?

Our strong preference is to shoot contactless ie: without the client on site.

Because we are shooting multiple clients in one day this gives us the flexibility within the day to mix up the order that we shoot which allows us to keep our pricing affordable.

How do I know the pictures will be right if I can’t be at the shoot?

We will work with you to ensure the images meet your expectations.

Before the shoot we will have had conversations with you regarding what you what your images to look like and you will have provided some reference shots. 

What happens if I can’t make the shoot date?

We ask our clients to do their best to meet the agreed shoot date and product delivery dates. 

We understand when starting a business there are delays outside of our control which means your product may not be available for the shoot. We will do our best to find another available date to include you in.


Why do you need my products at least 2 days ahead of the shoot?

We need this so that we can schedule the shoot day to be the most time efficient for our lighting and backdrops.  This helps keep our pricing affordable.

If products are not delivered 2 days prior we will need to reschedule the shoot.


What sort of products can you shoot?

We can shoot pretty much everything.  With different spaces in the studio we can shoot anything from small jewellery to motocycles!

Can you retouch my photos?

We undertake basic retouching like removing dust spots in the background but we don’t do compositing or any other major retouching.


How do I drop my products off?

You can either drop them off in person (contact us to arrange a time) or you can post them to us.  We have many interstate clients posting us their products to shoot. 

   Front Back and Sides

   WorkIt eCommerce Hub

   13-21b Mandible Street

   Alexandria NSW 2015


How do you return my products

We like to hang onto your products until you have downloaded your final images (just incase something is not right)

We ask you to collect your products within 2 days of receiving your final images. 


You can either collect them in person, provide us with a pre-paid mailing label to download or we can arrange postage via Sendle or Australia Post and charge you accordingly.


How do I select the images I want to purchase?

After the shoot we will send you a proof sheet via email and you can just let us know which images you want to purchase.  We will then raise and invoice for you.

What format will be images be delivered in?

Images will generally be delivered in Jpeg format sized for web format 72dpi unless otherwise specified prior the shoot.  This is the appropriate size for them to be used on your website and social media.

How long does it take to receive my images?

After the shoot we try to provide you with proofs within 3 business days.  Once you have selected our images and the invoice has been paid we allow up to 3 business days for the final imaged to be delivered. 

Other services like deep etching we outsource and it make take a little longer.


If you have a firm deadline for images please discuss this with us prior to the shoot.