360 degree product photography delivers an absolute must for online stores: immersive digital shopping experiences that create an emotional connection with customers. 

When a customer can rotate a product the full 360 degrees, they can experience all the detail they would be able to see if they were in store. With ecommerce platforms optimising product pages to show static and video content, and others enabling custom sliders that allow the customer to rotate the product back and forth on demand, crafting interactive experiences has never been easier.

360 degree photography footware
360 degree photography glasses
360 degree motion of starwars pin
How do we create 360 deg product photography?

We use a lightbox which illuminates the product from all sides, then rotate the turntable that the product sits on, taking 36-48 crisp images per full rotation. 

The images are then stitched together to form a seamless GIF or .mp4 file. 

360 degree product photos are simple to create with the right equipment and editing experience and results in content that customers spend more time viewing than static imagery alone. 

360 degree photography differs from stop motion animation, which does stitch multiple photos together to create motion, but does not offer a full 360 view of the product. Stop motion can be great for quirky and fun storytelling, while 360 photography are more suited to product pages where you can reduce the ambiguity for a customer and improve the chance of purchase.

What can be photographed using the 360 degree lightbox? 

We can currently shoot items up to 50cm in height, depth and width, which covers the majority of shoes, glasses, sneakers, medium sized hand bags, homewares and books. 

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